Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada - Eastern Region

History of Oireachtas Champions


At the 2005 Oireachtas, a perpetual trophy was awarded in memory of Paddy Butler, TMRF, but was not announced.  This was pointed out to me a few days later and I had said I would make a mention of the error on this website.

I decided to expand on that idea so I asked all ECR teachers to send me photographs and lists of winners for the perpetual trophies currently in their schools.  Two trophies were added in 2010 and I am awaiting photos so I can add them too.

Click on the photos below, to see a list of previous winners.


GU8 GU8* BU8 GU9 GU9* BU9 GU10 BU10

   Girls Under 8   Girls Under 8 - Additional Award    Boys Under 8    Girls Under 9        Boys Under 9    Girls Under 10   

GU11 BU11 GU12 BU12 GU13 GU13* BU13

Girls Under 11        Girls Under 12        Girls Under 13    Girls Under 13 - Addidional Award    Boys Under 13

GU14 BU14 GU15 GU15* BU15 GU16 BU16

    Boys Uder 14        X    Boys Under 15    Girls Under 16     Boys Under 16

GU17 BU17 LU18 LU18* MU18 LU19

Girls Under 17    Boys Under 17    Ladie Under 18    Ladies Under 18 - Additional Award        Ladies Under 19

LU20 LU20* MU20 Senior Ladies Senior Ladies * Senior Men

Ladies Under 20    Ladies Under 20 - Additional Award    X           

Senior 4-Hand

Senior 4-Hand